In rural Kenya, families face many struggles associated with the harsh realities of poverty. A lack of food and basic medical care, education, economic opportunities, and more, affect families’ abilities to meet their own basic needs. In addition to these challenges, each of the 177 families that CDFI currently assists has a child living with a disability in the home. These special children often require advanced medical interventions (including surgeries and occupational/physical therapies), placement in (and transportation to) special needs schools, and additional home based care and advocacy. Without support, already struggling families are simply not able to provide these necessary interventions for their disabled child. 

CDFI has been assisting families with these critical needs since 2016. Through donor support, we have been able to place most of the children in our program in appropriate school settings, have been able to purchase a large health insurance plan which covers all of the children’s basic medical needs, as well as any surgeries, and have provided home-based care and advocacy for 155 children with disabilities and their families. These interventions have been absolutely transformational in the lives of these children and their families.

There is a child with special needs waiting for help. Could YOU be the one she is waiting for? 
Click below to meet the children currently waiting for sponsors. When you sponsor a child for $50 a month, you’ll be providing life changing support to that child through things like medical care, home based care and support, education, advocacy and community awareness. As a sponsor, you’ll receive periodic updates from your child, as well as photos and information on their progress and well being.

CDFI has an incredible opportunity to make a lasting impact in the lives of 177 families in Kenya who live with a disabled child in their home! We are partnering with World Vision Kenya to launch a micro-enterprise development program in an
effort to move families towards greater self-sufficiency.

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