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CDFI works to improve the lives of children with intellectual and physical disabilities in developing countries. Through partnership with existing local social services entities, facility administrators and other charitable organizations, CDFI helps to assess and meet the many needs and challenges facing these children including health care, therapeutic intervention, education and family support. CDFI believes that every child is precious in the eyes of God and that all children deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Children With Disabilities Fund International (CDFI) is a not for profit Christian humanitarian 501(c)(3) organization committed to improving the lives of children with physical and intellectual disabilities around the world. CDFI is an all-volunteer organization. In 2018, 95.5% of all donations went directly to the work of the ministry.

Improvements at West Haven Children’s Home will enable more appropriate play environments for children and young adults.


West Haven is currently undergoing two major facility enhancements. A new sports field will enable athletes at West Haven the space to engage in much needed physical activity, train for Special Olympics, and participate in school sports days. This field is located a short distance outside the perimeter of the facility.

A second enhancement, a new play space, is being constructed inside the facility for younger children. This space will provide a safe, enclosed area for energetic children (many of whom are prone to wander unsafely) to run and play freely, without putting additional strain on caregivers. The new play space is an answer to prayer, as CDFI has been working closely with West Haven administration on its design and implementation plan for many months.

West Haven Children’s Home – Copse, Jamaica

CDFI has been working in Jamaica at West Haven Children’s Home since 2009. West Haven is a residential facility that is home to approximately 100 children and young adults with moderate to severe special needs.

Rural Health, Economic Development and Education – Kisuma, Kenya

CDFI began working in Kenya in 2017 and supports approximately 175 children living with special needs in the rural areas around Kisumu. Learn more about our Kenya program by clicking below.

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