Staff at West Haven Children’s Home, located about 30 miles from Montego Bay, are only able to meet the most basic needs of the approximately 100 residents who live there. Tasks including bathing and other hygiene needs, feeding, and cleaning of the facility can be tedious, and take up many hours of the day for the limited number of staff working at the facility.

Over the past 10 years, and through the generosity and partnership of our donors, CDFI has been able to come alongside the children and young adults living at West Haven in many ways including the provision of:

  • Special education services through The CDFI School at West Haven (link to new page)

  • Adaptive wheelchairs , educational and recreational equipment, sensory toys, clothing and diapers

  • Medical care through our CDFI funded onsite clinic (link to a new page)

  • Building materials for ongoing facility improvements

  • Volunteer teams to work with the children in a number of ways including special education, occupational therapy, caregiving assistance, art and sports days, and field trips

  • Volunteer teams who assist with maintenance and building projects

  • Support and encouragement to facility administrators and staff

  • Direct financial support which contributes to utility expenses, building materials and clothing

Learn more about the history of our work at West Haven in the video below.


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