The CDFI Medical Clinic

CDFI provides medical care to the residents at West Haven through an onsite health clinic, which was established in 2016. Prior to that time, there was no appropriate health care for the residents, and tragically, several preventable deaths occurred in the years prior to the establishment of the clinic.

Give toward medical and dental care for kids with special needs at West Haven.

Lack of Health Care and the Value of our Partner Relationships

In Jamaica, as in many other developing nations, health insurance does not exist, nor is health care provided in any way – It is only available for those who can pay for it.

CDFI works closely with the Jamaican government and other partner agencies, nonprofits and churches to achieve many of its objectives. During the establishment of our medical clinic, CDFI was able to negotiate a “deal” of sorts, in which CDFI would hire and pay the salaries of two full time nurses for West Haven. In exchange for this, the Jamaican government has retained the services of a doctor and guaranteed payment for hospital care as required.

As a result of the mutual efforts of CDFI and Mission Jamaica, a charitable organization we often work closely with, a health clinic was built at West Haven. It has been supplied with all necessary medical equipment and supplies. CDFI continues to provide these supplies on a regular basis and to assist our nurses with any needs they have.
Today, the residents, who had previously been denied care for inability to pay, are receiving appropriate health care. CDFI continues to provide these supplies on a regular basis and to assist our nurses, who carefully monitor the health of all residents, with any needs they have. As a result of these efforts, the health of the residents is better than it has ever been. We praise God for this!

“Give towards medical care at West Haven”

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