Recently in Kenya, a small autistic girl was found abandoned at a morgue. Local authorities called CDFI. While we have been called on before to care for abandoned children (unfortunately desperate parents can make desperate choices), this was different. This girl was left scared and alone at one of the darkest, most despairing places I can think of.

Whether or not this choice of location was an intentional statement reflecting her parents’ desperation or vision for her future, I don’t know. What I do know is that we at CDFI believe that this precious girl deserves a future in which she is loved, respected and allowed to reach her full potential.

Today, Hope Zoe Tumaini, as she was named by our staff, is loved and cared for in a small CDFI foster home. There are a total of four abandoned children with disabilities (all with similar stories to Hope’s) living there.

As of today, Hope is still looking for a sponsor through CDFI’s child sponsorship program in Kenya. Would you please consider supporting her, or a child like her, for $50 a month?

We cannot do this without you. Your sponsorship will allow Hope or another child to receive the medical care, education and advocacy they so desperately need.

CLICK HERE to sponsor Hope, or another child needing a sponsor. The children available for sponsorship on our website have been looking for a sponsor for over two years. Will you end the wait for one of them this Easter? Will you give them hope for their future?

Help bring a child from death to life this Easter through sponsorship.

As always, please reach out to me with any questions. I pray that you and those dear to you enjoy a blessed Easter weekend as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

With much thankfulness for you,

Bob Klima, President CDFI